On one hand Rayvarz has a network structure to provide products, services and IT based solutions pervasively all around the country. On the other hand, all the activities that provide opportunity to produce and supply these products possible are based on process based approaches and rely on the practice of planning and control project principals.

The details about Rayvarz partners who are in charge of sale and after sale services of Rayvarz products and services and also offer IT based solutions all over the country are mentioned in the related part. Therefore in this part Rayvarz organizational chart is introduced.

Rayvarz organizational chart has developed and evolved during a quarter of century of activity in this field. This development has happened around the increasing needs and expectation of the customers and the urging need to fulfill their satisfaction, as well as applying new technological trends in software production and constant expansion of organizational and specialized.

Following the most recent changes in Rayvarz organizational chart and developing human resources of the company that has been in practice after the strategic plan for five years (2011-2016), the below departments, groups and organizations have been organized.


Customer affairs management

Since customers are the most important element in our approach, the following departments and groups have been formed to work based on processes:

• Customer relationship management: This department aims at gaining loyal customers with the help of two teams of specialists: CC (call center) and dong satisfaction survey and dealing with complaints. Regulating the call center managing department by using updated technology and new methods of communicating with customers is one of the achievements of this department.

• solutions affairs management:This department uses a core of specialists connected to sales engineering to form 14 groups that offer special solutions based on ICT. This department is active in main strategic areas of the industry including state and private sections and enjoys the knowledge of experts from inside or outside the company in financial, industrial engineering and management consultancy areas, elevating the level of using products and services that are offered by Rayvarz in the framework of offering customers comprehensive strategic solutions. This department has completed the cycle of value exchange by adding an appropriate customer accounting team.

CEO related structures

Rayvarz Management structure consists of board of managers that are accountable to shareholders, a CEO who is a member of board of managers and efficient consultants in various fields including strategic planning, market and human resource expansion. All member of board of managers have to take charge of key responsibilities and work as the chairman of the boards of managers in regional and provincial branches as well.

Product related structures

The prosperity of the taken measures in research and development department and achieving remarkable technological innovation in one hand and the constant progress of products on the other hand(that is perfected according to customers’ expectation and feedback) have led to a special structure for production and technical support of the company products:

• R&D department

• Department of making products based on software production line using MDD approach

• Department of making products with BPMS infrastructure

• Production and technical support of the products with MIS and ERP approach

Human resources infrastructure

It’s not possible to provide customers with products and services as well as IT based solutions in state organizations and businesses without supplying necessary resources and using them to the full. The below three parts are among the most important resource providers in Rayvarz Company:

• Human resource management

• Support management

• Financial resource management