According to the country’s e-government development plan, government organizations are obliged to improve and develop (extend) electronic services. The majority of government organizations are equipped to communication ports and portals (to communicate with clients and service receivers), however regarding their portal support system facilities- in service provision- are faced with serious limitations.

On the other hand, in some organizations, the main processes are not entirely automated, therefore a desirable operational support (in order of nurturing portal and providing electronic services) is not possible for them. Some of governmental organizations lack an advanced portal and only possess a website for informing purposes.

In response to the needs of above-mentioned organizations, Rayavrz Software Engineering Company has proposed the following three solutions (which are in accordance with each other) as the base of extending and acceleration of electronic services in these organizations:

  •  Business process management System (RayBPMS)
  •  Organizational portal and RayBPMS
  •  Advanced office automation system


In the following each of the above mentioned solutions (which by interacting to others make provision of desirable electronic services by the beneficiary organization, possible) are described in more detail:


Business process management System (RayBPMS)

Governmental organizations are in need of BPM solutions, which enables them to revise their internal/external organizational processes in a sure and secure manner.  BPMS includes a collection of tools which assists governmental organizations to integrate their existing systems while sustaining them, model and execute their processes and by controlling and monitoring them identify corrective actions in order of eliminating organizational defects.

BPMS integrates people in organizations, citizens, processes, systems and other organizations easily and with least costs.


Main uses:


  •      Implementation of the main processes and providing electronic services

                  Implementation of all types of electronic services discussed in e-government, e-citizen and ...

  •      Request Management

                  Design and implementation of processes related to requests (such as leave, repairs, shopping requests , etc.)

  •      The integration of existing systems

                 Create connection the existing systems and elimination of information islands in organizations.

  •      Build bespoke systems

                Utilizing this system as a system builder (for creating different types of information systems).



Portal and Ray BPMS

Processes designed to implement the main and lateral functions of each organization and communication with inside/outside audiences of the organization requires certain forms.

After designing organizational processforms by RayBPMS tools, connection between organizational portal and RayBPMS is made possible after one time Login (based on SSO feature) using below methods:

  • Entering website address of RayBPMS in organizational portal.
  • Entering the web forms of process initiation in organizational portal (iframe).


In case the organization is interested in providing electronic services independent of existing portal, defining the RayBPMS address in explorers (directly), makes access to RayBPMS environment possible.

Thus, citizens and users get to have a user friendly environment to submit a request or carry out their functions and in addition to task management, they can view the latest news about the organization or the system.



Advanced office automation system

In order of managing internal and external correspondence and messaging workflows, a system named “advanced office automation” is developed which is synchronized with RayBPMS and makes a paperless office possible.

This web-based system by being based on ECE2 protocol –which is defined as a standard in governmental organizations- and possibility of utilization on tablet and mobile phones, has provided government experts and managers with wide array of user friendly features.