Rayvarz Company group that offers software products, consulting services, supervising and training courses via ICT based solutions, is a prominent brand and a remarkable Iranian company in its area of work. This company is a leading company in local market and accessible international markets.

Rayvarz as an agile Company manages vast and integrated network of branches, representatives, professional business partner companies and independent consultants. Rayvarz presents secure, effective and easy to use solutions quickly and accurately, by using successful experiences, standards and updated technology.

All these factors have made our company a well-known and trustworthy partner to the customers that not only provide them with proper responses in related fields, but also predicts the future needs of their business in IT and hence they believe their success is influenced by accompanying Rayvarz greatly.

Rayvarz increasing growth is the result of the experts who are considered the most precious asset of the company. These staff regards Rayvarz as a property of their own and believe that the high culture of this environment provides them with the opportunity to be creative and innovative. They agree that this company guarantees the financial and professional growth of the staff, suppliers and shareholders in a higher standard in compare with other activists of this field.