Quality Assurance

In 2001 Rayvarz Software Engineering Company started designing and installing a quality management system based on Iso-9001-2000 Plus TickIT. After getting the results of the auditing examined by EAQA, an English institution, Rayvarz was among the first Iranian software companies that managed to get this certificate, registration no. 1598, September 1st 2001.

The auditing of this company has been done successfully as planned and the future auditing is on the agenda. According to the quality policy, Rayvarz Company is committed to:

  • Avoid producing any product that is not according to the needs of the customer by using the quality system in the process of software production
  • Develop the ability and skills of the staff by constant training
  • Elevate the quality of its products via constant development of its quality system
  • Provide its customers with creditable, quick and constant supporting services so that they can use the software products effectively
  • Prioritize customer satisfaction

Rayvarz quality management system consists of the following parts:

  • Quality policy
  • Quality objectives
  • Quality manual
  • Procedures
  • Instructions
  • Processes


In 2004 Rayvarz Company reengineered company processes (BPR) through constant revisions to increase the efficiency and productivity of the company and managed to clarify the procedures and improved the performance of the processes. Furthermore, to make sure that the performance and control of the processes are done properly, the company has assigned some criteria and methods to measure and control the performance of each process.