Values and Beliefs

Values and beliefs of Rayvarz managers and staff are as followed:

  • Conducting Quality Work: Conducting quality work is based on client’s need as well as believing that the relationship with the client starts right after the first call.
  • Fulfilling promises: Commitment to what is promised to the clients.
  • Continuity of Business Innovation: Belief in business innovation through pursuit of technical innovations and offering new products and services.
  • Hearing the voice of customers: Belief in revising business directory based on feedback from the customers. And, being responsible to perform related corrective actions.
  • Balanced Supply Of Stakeholders’ Interests : Providing long-term interests of stakeholders including customers, employees, shareholders, business partners, and other stakeholders.
  • Respect For Each Individual : Adherence to human relations in the workplace, respect for individual and organizational rights of the employees. And, considering paying for productivity.
  • Believing Team Work : Belief in the importance of employee participation in planning and decision-making at various levels based on a team approach.